Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happily Ever by Kim Hyun Joo

Happily Ever by Kim Hyun Joo is a chair combined with a dog house that has been designed to promote various scenarios for friendship and bonding between dogs and owners through their sharing of an object.

From Kim Hyun Joo;
There are various ways to use Happily Ever. The owner can sit anywhere on the chair. The dog can rest inside the chair, or sit on top of it. There are two seats - the lower one is for the dog or owner, and the upper one is just for the owner (making use of a height ranking system). There is soft cushioning on the higher seat for comfort. A hole at the back of the chair allows it to be picked up easily, and also assists with taking the seat apart for cleaning. The pet might reach through the hole with their paw to play with the owner.

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